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In the 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy there had been no leak of any credible evidence of a conspiracy.

After obtaining a job, Lee Harvey Oswald was by chance assigned to this building, from where he shot JFK

After obtaining a job, Lee Harvey Oswald was by chance assigned to this building, from where he shot JFK (Photos on this page by Michael Day)

The evidence shows that Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the president, and that Oswald in turn was shot and killed by Jack Ruby.

There are many more reasons showing why  there was no conspiracy but 10 should be enough. Most reasons are convincing on their own.  Many of these can be found in the book Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi.  Others can be found in Case Closed by Gerald Posner. These should convince objective investigators but are unlikely to change the minds of those for whom a conspiracy has taken on the role of a doctrine in a secular faith.

Ten reasons

  1. No weapon other than Oswald’s rifle has ever been found linked to the assassination and nor has any bullet other than two of  the three fired from his rifle. His prints were found on the weapon and nearby.
  2. No person other than Oswald has been linked by evidence to the assassination.
  3. There has been no credible evidence linking Oswald to the big groups alleged by the conspiracy theorists to be behind the assassination (e.g. CIA,  mafia, Castro, KGB, military-industrial complex, LBJ etc.)
  4. If there had been a conspiracy, there would have been a leak by now by at least one person motivated by money, fame, guilt, death-bed change of mind. There has been none.
  5. It would have been impossible for such a large number of conspirators  required to pull off a very complex conspiracy with such perfection to do so without any error, and that secrecy would be guaranteed forever
  6. Oswald was very unreliable, disturbed and unhinged. He was not the person anybody would engage to commit such a crime, including the CIA or the mafia. He would pose far too many risks for them.
  7. Oswald was only in the building because by chance he had been employed shortly before the day the President would be in Dallas, and even by chance assigned to that particular building.
  8. Those who knew Oswald and Ruby well, including family members, rejected at the time the likelihood that he would have acted with others to carry out the killing.
  9. Oswald had only $183 to his name at his arrest. A contract killer would have had more money than that and a better rifle than the one he had –a used, surplus $19 mail order rifle with a home-made sling.
  10. In April that year, Oswald had fired at Major General Edwin Walker in a bid to kill him. After he killed the president,  he killed a police officer. These are actions of a disturbed human being rather than an assassin chosen for the biggest crime of the times.
    More theorists but with no evidence stand on the grassy knoll

    Theorists stand on the grassy knoll.

    Larry Wheeler has a theory but no evidence for it being true. We agreed to disagree.

    Larry Wheeler has a theory .We agreed to disagree.

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